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On my home page, I invite readers to email me.  I reiterate that here.  Email with questions, comments, disagreements, complaints, discussion points. I'm open to it.
Email me: nokiddinginnz (at) gmail dot)com

Or find me on Instagram, @nokiddinginnz

I'm happy to correspond privately, or to take questions or blog post suggestions and expand on them publicly. Your privacy will always be protected.

This post from August 2014 explains my reasoning:

Talk To Me
I've had an idea.  If I'm honest, I didn't have the idea.  I am copying someone else.  Even before I made my first ICLW comment on a new blog, I read something that interested me.  My Life is About the Journey invites emails from individuals who genuinely seek advice on parts of her journey, to help them through similar experiences, to share the wisdom.  What a lovely idea, I thought.
The reason I keep this blog is twofold.  I like sorting out my own thoughts about a No Kidding life, and writing is one way to do that.  Having an outlet for my thoughts and frustrations, and knowing I have a place where I'm not alone, is my major motivation for keeping this blog, even all these years after my initial losses and my entry into a post-infertility No Kids life.  But the secondary reason is that, now I no longer volunteer at a loss/infertility website, I also wanted an outlet where my own experiences might help others.  I try to maintain an open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere here.  But still, blogs often create a relationship at a distance.  
So I have created another page with an invitation to email me, with questions, or suggestions for new posts, based on my own experience.  I might regret this!  I hope I don't get hit by spammers, or the "just adopt" brigade who have left some nasty comments on my blog in the past.  (The delete button works wonders!)  
But as the years pass, and I find it harder to find new topics for posts, I thought I might try it. After all, I want to remain relevant, not just for those who are at a similar stage of coming to terms with a life without children, but also for those who are dealing with loss, and might be facing the prospect, or for those who are newly entering a No Kidding Life after infertility or loss.
It's an experiment.  But I figure it's never too late to try new things.    

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