21 July, 2020

Blog posts I won't be Writing: the Lockdown Version

  • How I found “me time” during lockdown, because the house was so full/frenetic/loud.
  • Missing having visitors to justify indulging in baking (despite the fact that a household of two parents and three kids is the same number of potential cake/biscuit/lemon tart consumers as a childless person’s household AND their visitors).
  • The stress of supervising online-schooling.
  • Disappointment that I won’t get to see my adult kids every few months because we live in different countries.
  • How hard it is to not see the grandchildren.
  • How different the isolation of lockdown was to my normal life! 

Note: All the above have been said either to me, or around me in the last few months. I don’t discount the issues raised as unimportant (well, except for the baking issue), and acknowledge they cause stress. Stress that I don't have. Stress I might have been pleased to have. So maybe the complaints might have been best directed elsewhere?


  1. mhmm, since when does baking need to be justified? or shared for that matter? ;-)
    you probably didn't venture some variation of replying with 'never meeting the kids you wanted and dreamt of? let alone grandchildren'
    you phrase it so much nicer with 'stress you might have been pleased to have'

    1. Oh, when you're trying to lose weight/or not to gain it, baking definitely needs to be justified. Sadly!

  2. Yes to all of these! I have been in meetings where later are like, "we all know how it is, right?" And I'm like...noooo. I did bake some stress cookies, delicious gf chocolate chip wonders, but I'm doing pretty well with the baking bug. Not so much with the wine. Isolation hasn't been that different for us, either. Except online schooling from the teachers point of view, which had been hard but I don't have that "stress I'd have liked to have" of also balancing my own kids so that's great. Good list!