25 January, 2011

Life without children ....

... can be very good!

In case you're wondering what I was up to over Christmas when I didn't post much, this is an unashamed promotion of my regular blog A Separate Life.


  1. um, yeah, thanks to your regular blog posts, i'm now beyond sold after spending my last week cursing a plastic stick waiting for a stupid :) to show i'm o'ing just so i can stick "make me crazy" drugs in my stomach and have more intercourse with a u/s wand than my husband. so, yeah, when do i leave to follow in your traveling footsteps b/c i am so there!! thanks for posting something that shows there IS life...GREAT life without kids...and that maybe "the end of the world" is really far off fabulous lands that can now be seen and enjoyed.

  2. I'm glad that my unashamed pleasure in my travels can give you hope. There really is life after infertility - whether it is pregnant and with kids, or travelling the world, or if you're really adventurous, both!