29 April, 2011

A few things about me

I don’t really do the blog awards thing (though thanks so much to EBC and Sushigirl for thinking of me).  However I do love reading the pieces that give a little sneak peek into the lives and personalities of the people whose blogs I read.  We know the most personal things about each other, but often not the most trivial, or the most fun.  So here are some things about me (more trivial than fun!):

  1. I love to travel.  I knew I wanted to travel from the time I could read, and first went overseas at age 17 as an exchange student to Thailand.
  2. I love languages, or perhaps the idea of speaking other languages. I speak Thai, and have formally studied (and forgotten) Chinese and Japanese and French, and I’ve taught myself some Spanish, and smatterings of German and Italian for trips to Europe (the words vanished as soon as I got home!).  I’m so indecisive about which language I want to concentrate on, that I don’t speak any of them fluently.  Far from it.  Sigh.
  3. I’d rather have ice-cream than chocolate.
  4. When I concentrate (particularly when playing the piano) I stick my tongue out … just a bit.
  5. I’m addicted to Sudoku – one a day keeps the Alzheimer’s away.
  6. I’m a secret Dr Who fan.
  7. I’m the classic middle child, but I’m ready to rebel against that, as long as it doesn’t upset anyone.
  8. I operate the VPMS (Volcano Paper Management System) on my desk.  Pile things high.  What’s important will rise to the top, what is not will slide off the side.  I wouldn't recommend it; it’s not very efficient.
  9. I hate heights.
  10. Mali is not my real name.  (But you knew that didn’t you?) 


  1. I'm a Dr Who fan, too. We should be out and proud!

  2. True! Besides, I have other more shameful TV addictions.

  3. I know what you mean about how easily one forgets languages...but then one gets them back really fast, too. SOOOO impressed that you know Thai!

  4. 6. I recently got into Dr. Who (last summer). I LOOOOVE David Tennant.

    7. Me too!

  5. I did used to really like Dr Who but I don't like the new one as much as David Tennant. My interest waned off after he left. I might try watching the new series though.

  6. Oh, I love that VPMS acronym... that would be my system too, if it were not for the spouse, who likes to organize things... Thanks for sharing!

  7. OK, number 7 made me el oh el.

  8. And I'd like to point out that my word to type in that last time was bleys, which I believe is Bridgett's cat's name.

  9. Hi! I think you found me via "Just us and the cat"
    I love to travel too, and lived and worked in NZ in 2003. After my work visa ran out I bought a round-the-world ticket Argentina/Brasil, home(NL), Singapore/Thailand but got sidetracked by a contract in Brussels before I made it back down under. Came back in 2008 to make up for it though!