28 January, 2013

When summer gets in the way ...

I have been sadly absent from my blog and much of the blogosphere lately.  And I apologise!  I have excuses though:

  1. Summer has arrived.  Really.  We are having day after day of warm, sunny weather.  We didn't get any of this last year, so we're really making the most of it.
  2. Home maintenance and construction projects.  We're building a new deck (and given that part of our property is about 5-6 metres above ground, this isn't an easy process), and each new metre of decking needs to be celebrated.  And of course (given the aforementioned good weather), cocktails must be mixed, and barbecues consumed, sitting on said deck!
  3. Barbecues on friends' completed decks, watching the harbour lights twinkling as the sun goes down and moon rises.
  4. Quality time with my niece.  Yes, I have a number of nieces, but there is one I've always been closer to.   Sadly, for so many years she has lived overseas, so I have felt spoilt the last few months, as she's returned to NZ for some gap year touring, and has passed through Wellington several times, each time managing to get her staying with us to both give her grandparents a break/give her a break from her grandparents, and to get some chores done (visa applications/wardrobe shopping for new job) together.  It's been lovely.  We bond over old West Wing episodes, and explore issues of being a young woman in 2013.  
  5. Oh yes, and the need to explain to the niece that 1998 was not in the dark ages.  And that it was my generation and the generations before mine that "invented" feminism, and that she can't teach me anything about feminist theory.  "Slut walk?  Way ahead of you, kid!"
  6. Transferring all my files from old laptop that is about to explode, to new laptop that has very frustrating Windows 8.  Sigh!  Configuring files, trying not to lose all bookmarks, keeping email yet changing email clients.  It's enough to drive me bananas!
  7. Summer reading.  Hilary Mantel's Bring up the Bodies has kept me intrigued, and now I'm onto The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst, a recommendation from one of the guys at my favourite brunch place.
  8. Of course, having brunch at my favourite brunch place.
  9. Reading blogs then forgetting to go back and comment on them when I'm not on my iPad.
  10. Thinking of new blog topics.


  1. Hey, staying busy is important, right? I'm so glad you are enjoying quality time with your niece.

  2. Hey- I keep forgetting that you're having summer, ahead of us! :D
    With laptop issues, I sympathize with you!!! I had gone through that twice or thrice, before I realized a short-cut. Save all bookmarks, contact addresses, photos, documents, etc on a flashcard- sure will save you a LOT Of time and headaches!!!
    Keep busy with your niece, while she's around! :)

  3. Sounds like many lovely reasons to be away from the blog life!
    The deck sounds so nice, and barbeques and gatherings and a favorite niece and BRUNCH and books... just sounds super! (and like things I maybe should start doing too!)

  4. Windows 8! What craziness is that? It's like they've decided to make your laptop into a giant phone! Apps? No! I just want my desktop and my webpages on the web - not through some app! Phew! I feel better for having vented. But it's actually an interesting interface.

    What fun to have a niece visiting! I can't wait for my nieces to be old enough to visit independently - we'll see if they actually do!

    Thanks for the book recommendations...

    1. Windows 8 madness - I KNOW! I'm gradually figuring it out!

  5. sigh, Wellington harbour in summer, such good memories... Have you seen any dolphins this year?

    barbecues sounds like a great reason to not blog! and to try new recipes, cherry tomato with feta cheese and rosemary is my favourite bbq side dish! And is it the season for mango salad yet?


    1. Valery, the paper had a photo of dolphins in Lyall Bay yesterday. I always miss seeing dolphins and orcas whenever they come in. In all the years I've lived here, I've seen dolphins only once!

      Mmmm mango salad. Yes. Mangoes appearing in supermarket now.

  6. You have been missed. :) But glad you are enjoying your summer! Think of us slogging through the snow and cold. ; )

  7. ENJOY the lovely summer days! Last year summer also sucked here, so I hope this year is better. :-)

    You DO sound busy in a good way! LOVE reading this post. :-)

  8. I'm thinking a few of your niece conversations will spur some good blog topics. Continue enjoying that summer weather, and by all means have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for me during the moon rising!

  9. I don't wait for the summer in the uk to indulge my love of nz Sauvignon blanc - I drink it all year round!

  10. "explaining that 1998 was not the dark ages" - that really made me laugh! Getting to spend time with kids is very great. I'm enjoying it as well (and often have to explain to the 13 yr old in my life that we used to all listen to CD players not iPods.)

    So, glad you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying!