04 November, 2013

Home Sweet Home

And so, the great adventure has come to an end.  We're home.  The tui are singing in our trees, emboldened by our absence, they fly to the window and show off their plumage, their white tuft, blue-green wing feathers, shiny heads.  The wind is blowing - it's spring in Wellington, what else would we expect.  The air is clear, we can see for miles.  And having flown south to escape the winter, we're now heading towards summer.  My third in a row.

We're gradually coming down to earth.  Body clocks are readjusting - at a time zone a day, we're almost there.  I venture onto FB and feel alone once again - my northern friends are sleeping, and instant responses are no longer.  But there are friends to meet and drink coffee, or wine, with.  And there is a future to plan.


  1. Dear Mali,
    I missed your posts on NoKidding blog. So it is lovely to see that you are safely back home.

    All the best for your future plans.

  2. Welcome hommmmeeeeee...I forgot that it's the other way around over there...enjoy spring and everything else!