17 April, 2014

Out of touch ... or free and easy?

Last Friday, my husband and I slept in, and got up for a lazy day.  Lazier than usual, given that we don’t have much (or much that is compulsory) to do every day until we find jobs.  When I looked at the newspaper (and realised that there was a newspaper), it dawned on me that we were a week out!  Easter, and the long lazy weekend, is this week.  Doh!  The false start was due to the fact I was too lazy to look at a calendar, and had based my assumptions on something a friend had said.  Oh well, we had some nice hot cross buns for lunch.

Of course, the fact that we're still "self-employed" at the moment contributed to the fact we were out of touch.  But mostly, I think it is because we don't have children.  If we had kids at school, there is no way we wouldn't know which weekend was Easter, or when school holidays begin.  The calendar would rule our lives.

I kind of like the fact that we are free and easy, and not enslaved by the calendar.  And it means we can have more hot cross buns tomorrow too!


  1. More hot crossed buns sounds like a good plan to me!!

  2. great attitude!
    Wishing you & your DH a beautiful Easter!
    Klara & my DH

  3. Have a lovely Easter! I like the fact that you're not enslaved by the calendar and that you're enjoying hot cross buns. :-)

  4. I hope you are having a happy (second!) Easter :-)

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