06 April, 2015

Eight things I wish I had known about grief

  1. Asking for help is hard, but healthy, and we should all do it more often. 
  2. There are ways to heal from disappointment and loss, even when it feels as if that is impossible. 
  3. Forgive myself - my body, my thoughts, my actions (or lack of actions).
  4. Let go of the guilt. 
  5. Love myself  and take care of myself. 
  6. Cherish what I have. 
  7. Exercise love and compassion towards others. 
  8. It gets better, and I will be okay. 


  1. Thank you for the list.
    I just love the photo (where was it taken?) and the text: It gets better, no kidding.

    1. Klara, the photo was taken in South Africa, at dawn, on safari. Wouldn't have been there if I'd had kids!

  2. This is a good reminder. Three is hard. Four is the hardest, for me.

  3. Love the list. I must admit, #3 is usually my hardest. I know our infertility was out of our control, but I still blame myself.

  4. All important points -- but especially the last one.

  5. I always think about how good it feels to help in crisis, so I try to remember to ask and allow someone else to be in that position. It's hard though.

  6. Each one of these things are heart-soothing to a grief-stricken heart.

    I wonder if they are things you only come to know by going through grief. In other words, I wonder if I would have believed them at the beginning of my grief journey. Hmmmm.....

    Wise words.

  7. So, so so true. I wish I had known the same things. I took a long time to realize most of these and to be kind enough to myself. It is hard to see these when you are first in grief, but I try to encourage it to other grieving to make their healing process easier.