13 June, 2017

Some No Kidding post-travel gratitude

I'm grateful today that I have no children, for reasons which may become obvious.
  • We have just returned from an amazing trip we couldn't have done with children.
  • I don't have to deal with my own jet lag at the same time as dealing with children with their own jet lag.
  • I could fall asleep on our dining table last night whilst waiting for my husband to get home with the Chinese food for dinner.
  • I can have an afternoon nap without guilt.
  • I don't have to cook tonight if I am not up to it.
  • It may take some days to adjust, so I won't stress if I'm wide awake in the middle of the night.

I hope to catch up with all my missed blog reading over the next week or so, and to do some blogging myself, but first priority is that afternoon nap.


  1. Welcome home! And speedy recovery from the jet lag.

  2. I'm actually grateful right now that I don't have kids. Trying to sell a negative equity house and buy a new one is hard enough without having children to factor in along the way - I've never been gladder not to have them.
    I'm happy your trip was amazing! I'm also going away at the weekend, and am happy not to be dragging kids along.

  3. I'm so looking forward to reading about your trip. I just recently found your blog. I also love counting out the ways I am blessed to NOT have kids.

  4. Hope you feel recharged after the nap. Welcome home!

  5. Welcome home. Here's to a speedy recovery from the jet lag.

  6. Welcome back!! :) How's the jet lag now?