02 December, 2019

To Instagram or Not?

I know that, these days, a lot of infertility and No Kidding / childless not by choice (CNBC) writers are on Instagram. I have an Instagram page (at travellingmali), but it is very much a photography and travel page, and has no CNBC/No Kidding content. It looks so beautiful now, I'm not going to change it!

But, I see others who are active on Instagram, and I wonder, would any readers find it easier to find me on Instagram than coming to this blog? Do me a favour and fill in the survey. It shouldn't take longer than a few seconds. Even if you never comment, I'd really appreciate you letting me know your preference. I'm not tracking who responds, just what my readers want.

I'll report back in a week or two.

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  1. Personally, I prefer blogs... I think there's more flexibility here for longer posts, commenting, etc., but maybe that's just me. (I mostly access Instagram on my phone, and I find it hard to type more than a sentence or two on that tiny keyboard for posts or commenting, lol.) I know that a lot of (cough cough) younger people are using Instagram, & finding support & building communities there. I think a No Kidding in NZ Instagram account (either linking to the blog, with original material, or both -- especially if you used that account to connect with other ALI/CNBC accounts) would probably connect with some new readers who might appreciate your hard-won wisdom!

    As I blogged recently, I don't have any social media accounts for my blog (although perhaps I should). I've had a lot of "follow" requests from some of the ALI/childless IG accounts I follow, but I'm reluctant to grant access unless I "know" them. Most of the social media stuff I post is personal and not ALI/CNBC-related.


    1. I will say that your post was what inspired me to finally ask the question that I've been thinking about for a while.

  2. Aaaaaaack, I feel like it is just a matter of time before I have to do the Instagram thing, too. I don't have an account. I don't want another social media thingie. But it is increasingly where people are going, and I keep getting told that "Facebook is for old people. My grandma's on Facebook." Hmph. I think it would be good to connect with people if you see that as a place you could do it, but I sadly don't know enough about Instagram to even say much about it! I hope you get answers that help you.