18 April, 2022

Pros and cons of a childless Easter

First, the pros:

I got to sleep in. 

I didn't have to amuse children, go out in crowds, dread the coming school holidays (which started here on Friday).

I didn't have to buy a lot of chocolate, especially not the cheaper Cadbury's chocolate that flooded our supermarkets but isn't certified from non-child-labour sources.

We bought bakery hot cross buns (my baking attempt failed - I'm blaming the recipe) which probably wouldn't be to the taste of children.

We had an lovely meal on Easter Sunday at our leisure, and a bottle of excellent wine.

We watched adult (not adult-themed!) TV.

It was exceptionally peaceful, especially today, after a disrupted night, a morning when I felt unwell, so I could spend a day on the couch reading.

The weather was gorgeous, and we could do what we want.

But there are cons:

It's often a family time, with people travelling to see their families, or getting together locally. But it's too far to go to see my family in the South island, and my sister in the north visited last year and was spending it with friends and their families this year. So it can be lonely when you're the only ones you know without immediate family nearby.

It's easier to hide the loneliness by staying at home than by going out, so we hibernated, despite the gorgeous weather.

I made my own Easter Eggs (having first made them over the first pandemic lockdown two years ago), and have now mastered the recipe. But there was no-one to share them with. (Okay, to be honest, I could have and would have shared them with the neighbour and his little girl, but there weren't enough to go round!)

But that's life. I'm sure there are people with families who would have liked to have our peaceful, low-calorie weekend! So I'm sticking with the pros.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your DH, dear Mali!
    I would love to come for a visit one Easter in the future with my DH!

  2. It's a tug of war between wanting to be included and enjoying the solitude...! Glad the pros mostly outweighed the cons.

  3. Happy Easter, Mali! After 2 Covid Easter's where we couldn't do our usual dinner and Easter Eggs with my nieces & nephew, I'd really looked forward to this one. But, in January my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. So, I spent Easter playing nurse as he's having a tough time with chemo this round, and desperately wishing I could be elsewhere. But, my baked potato was good. Glad yours was better than mine!

    1. I'm really sorry to here that. Sending hugs!

  4. Happy Easter! We had a low key Easter as well. I did make blueberry pancakes and bacon in the shape of a bunny and an egg for our own amusement. Our annual basket hiding fun will happen on Tuesday since we had delivery issues on the little fun things we get each other. But that's another plus -- we can move Easter if we need to! Glad plusses outweigh minuses.

    1. Yum, blueberry pancakes.
      I like your plus - we can move holidays whenever we like!