12 June, 2012

The best medicine

I’ve written quite a lot about joy.  About how important it is to take joy when you find it, to never feel guilty about that joy.  I also found, in the depths of my despair, how uplifting laughter can be.

I love to laugh.  And I probably laugh louder now than I did before my losses, before I discovered what grief was.  I try to control my laughter in public.  But when I’m at home, I love to laugh uproariously at something I read, hear, say, watch, do, etc.  It feels good.  And in those first days, weeks and months of grief, any laughter was life-saving.  So laugh.

And just for a treat, my favourite TV ad at the moment.  It makes me cry and laugh. 

Laugh with me!  (After all, I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never win Lotto).


  1. I love being with hubby 'coz he makes me laugh. :-D LOVE that ad, too! :-D

  2. Yup, I love this ad as well!

  3. Lovely to hear the NZ accent again, see the Auckland skyline. And that dog loves to travel! Will try to sleep again with a smile on my face for dogged determination.

  4. Such a sweet ad.

    I am completely embarrassed to admit what has made me laugh hysterically through this entire day (just the memory of it), but suffice to say, it was the completely nasty meme trending on Twitter this morning.

  5. Aw! I love the doggy, and it was hilarious at the end.

    I love any of the Irn Bru ads, particularly the Snowman one and the 'fanny' one - accordingly to the internet, it should work in NZ slang too.

  6. Ha!! Fantastic!! Smart doggy. :-)