29 June, 2012

A Perfect Moment

After reading about Lori's Perfect Moment Mondays earlier this week I've been thinking about what I'd like to include.  A lot of my posts on A Separate Life are perfect moments.  I like to enjoy the little things in life, to celebrate the joy when I feel it, to be "mindful" and in the moment when I can.  And so I've written a post that records a Perfect Moment that I might add there tomorrow.  (Truth?  I wrote it on my iPad when I was out, and right now the iPad is downstairs (three flights) being charged, and I can't be bothered going to get it!)

But just now, I had a tiny Perfect Moment.  I'm listening to a regular programme on national radio.  And three panellists were chit-chatting about life.  Turns out all three are parents.  And the winter school holiday (vacation for the North Americans) break is about to start this weekend, for two weeks.  All three of them were sighing and bemoaning the fact that they had to deal with school holidays.  Not one of them sounded as if they were looking forward to it.  That said, all three of them sound like really good parents.  "So my perfect moment was what?" you ask. 

Smiling, and realising that in my No Kidding Life, I never have to groan at the thought of school holidays.  I can be thrilled at the lighter traffic in the morning.  I have an excuse to avoid the big malls (not my favourite places anyway), and the child-friendly cafes (I do anyway).  I don't have to travel during school holidays.  (In fact, I avoid it like the plague - higher airfares and screaming kids = torture in a tin tube).  And best of all?  I never have to feel guilty that I'm groaning at the thought of the school holidays.


  1. And I am happy about the school holidays as tomorrow I go to pick up my two nieces and bring them to stay with us for a week, at which point I will be thoroughly exhausted and get to return them :) LOVE IT!

  2. The school holidays started this week here. And it's been pouring with rain since! Am not looking forward to having to travel during holidays at all - enjoy the peace and quiet!

  3. My perfect moment is one mommy close friend understanding my IF journey and she's said all the "right things" to me and she's always been there for me whenever I need to blurt out my IF moments. :-)))

    1. So glad you have a close friend who understands. That is wonderful!!

  4. These are excellent things to have gratitude for!

    Before my kids came to me, I don't think I realized how relentless parenting is. No kidding :-)

    I'm so happy you joined in Perfect Moment Monday, Mali!

  5. oh, that is a good one - I love the light traffic!

    I do think it's pretty sad that so many parents seem upset or depressed about their kids' vacations.

  6. I love our vacations during non-child season! We often joke that it is us, and the retired people...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  7. I too am enjoying the lighter traffic on my commute into work in the morning. It's been nice. We did go camping this weekend and we were bombarded by tons and tons of 6-8 year old boys. While sitting around the campfire with my husband and two dogs, I actually told him that I was happy that we didn't have to deal with the screaming, tantrum throwing, trouble making that they were causing throughout the entire campground. It was so peaceful when they all left!