03 November, 2012

Two Weeks

Two weeks.  It is an important length of time to women who have been through infertility.  Two weeks – the luteal phase, the two waiting weeks, or more commonly known amongst the online community as the 2ww.  A lot can happen in two weeks.   Hope, anxiety, joy, despair. And even when we're not trying to conceive, it is impossible (for me at least) to be unaware of my body, not to notice the passage of two weeks, the physical changes, the emotional changes.  So much can happen in two weeks.

And in the two weeks (just over) that I’ve been away, there has been a huge amount of thought and insight presented on the blogs I read.  There is so much to digest, so much to get my head around, to think about, that at the moment I am simply reading (to catch up, when I can finish with the laundry), incapable of any response beyond the simplistic.  I hope you all understand.  And I know that a lot of what I have read is giving me food for thought, and ideas for new posts.  Just be patient!


  1. dear Mali,
    it is lovely to have you back!
    I missed you!

  2. I'm sure it takes some time before your life rhythm comes back. Looking forward to reading more posts of yours! :-)

  3. so much easier said than done! I'm actually at the end of my 2ww for my ivf cycle (monday is beta!!)
    I never thought 2 weeks could ever be SO long!

    anyways - welcome back! love your blog!

  4. It's great to have you back. When Pamela & Keiko launched their salon, I found myself thinking, "Awwww, Mali is going to miss this!" I knew you'd have some great comments (& hope you'll still comment in retrospect)(hint hint). ; )

    Lately, I find that I'm never caught up. :p On the other hand, I am never without great stuff to read. ; )

    1. Loribeth - your wish has been obeyed! I went in and commented on the salons last weekend.

  5. glad you are back and hopefully you had a very wonderful holiday. I am playing blog catch-up today as well, so I can only imagine how much you have to read after 2 weeks!

  6. Nice to be back. Hopefully I can now get back to regular blogging.