12 May, 2013

Old age? Or resolution?

Ha!  I just checked my FB for the first time (it's just after mid-day), and saw the first (and I hope only but I doubt it) smug "It's Mother's Day" photo of a friend and her two boys and husband out for breakfast.

And I laughed.  Because I just got up an hour ago!  I've already spent an hour studying Italian, enjoyed a lovely cup of tea brought to me by my loving husband, and a cuddle, and responded to several emails about booking accommodation in Italy in August.  And I did it all peacefully, in bed! (Accusations of laziness not permitted).  And I realised that my friend was up at the crack of dawn, she's probably already keen for a nap (or maybe not, she is younger than me), and she would almost certainly have had to fight the crowds at the cafe.  Whereas we went to our favourite brunch place yesterday (we're not stupid, we always avoid Mother's Day), where just the usual regulars were there for a late lunch (couples - straight and gay - with no kids in sight), and had a very pleasant and relaxed time sans enfants.  Tonight we'll take dinner out to the mother-in-law, who is just out of hospital after breaking her hip.  And I'm not fazed by any of this.

I'm not saying my life is any better than my friends who are mothers.  But it's no worse, and very good.  Gratitude.  It works.  I hope you can all find some gratitude and peace today.


  1. I love this!

  2. Hubby woke me up today at 13.00 ha ha ha...well, I have an excuse for sleeping so long. Had a second bad case of benign vertigo on Friday at work and I still feel some loss of balance. But yeah, I do enjoy being able to sleep in and stay up late. :-D

  3. Ha! :) Slept in as well, with my dogs. Now Savoring my chicory coffee, catching on on books and blogs (gotta find energy to do my blog sometime....) A sausage egg casserole baking in the oven, so I don't have to do anything today. Thor and hunk movies are on the schedule for today.

    So, you go, Mali- take care of yourself today. :)

  4. Gratitude, yes. Peace is debatable, but part of that is the weather -- it's freezing here today! :p Glad y ou've had an enjoyable day!

  5. LOL -- one of my security verification words was "temperature!"

  6. I spent it in Mumbai drinking by the hotel pool. India can be a bit tough for an infertile heart (yes, I know this is problematic) but overall, I felt at peace.
    Italy in August is perfect. Can't wait to read all about it.

  7. carissima Mali,
    che bello... imparare lingua italiana. A me piace tantissimo!
    And perfect - you are going to Italy! I just hope you are not going to Italian seaside...it is overcrowded for Ferragosto (10 - 18 August aprox).

    So - if you are going to Italy, you are probably visiting Venice. And .... from Venice to the capital of my country (Ljubljana) there are only 242 kilometers. So... I hope to meet you in three months :)
    (some usuful info: http://www.visitljubljana.com/en/ )

    BTW - regarding Mothers' Day. I spent it with Pamela, in Dubrovnik. And we invited each other (and our DHs) for great beer - to celebrate nonmothers day. It was fun. I could use your sentence: I'm not saying my life is any better than my friends who are mothers. But it's no worse, and very good.

    And I asked Pamela in Dubrovnik if she knows you in person. So - if you had a feeling on Sunday that there were two beautiful women talking about you on another side of the Earth - that were us :)

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    2. Great!!!! I am looking forward to August so much!!!
      I have just sent you an email.
      lots of love from sLOVEnia,

  8. Mother's Day is getting easier for me. It is such an odd day. I just remind myself, it is an invented holiday and all holidays makes some people feel bad. I called my mom, sent her a gift and a card, sent my aunts cards, and that was that. I had a lovely relaxing day. Today is the 4th of July in the US, and reading your words about having a leisurely AM in bed, I had just been thinking if I had kids, I would have had to wake up much earlier than I did (9am) and be getting ready for some big holiday feast, but I don't have to. I am pretty happy about that :) It is nice when we can see all the good stuff about our situations.