24 June, 2013

Teenage boys

I was surprised in Jerusalem to see so many families travelling together, but I guess if school is out in the US, then that explains it.  At breakfast one morning, there was a son sitting with his father.  They were chatting, so this teenager (around 13-14 I would guess) was at least better than monosyllabic, as are most teenage boys - or so I have been led to believe.  He reminded me of my nephew (mentioned in my previous post).  They both talked, seemingly willingly, but they both looked as if they're about to cry.

I laughed and said to my husband, "that would drive me crazy.  I would perpetually be worried they were miserable."

And then we turned to the business of planning our day.


  1. great attitude - planning your day without having to worry about anybody being miserable.

    Enjoy your journey!

  2. Oh, and the breaking of the voice (if that is what it is called in English) is around that age too isn't it? maybe that contributed to the facial expression?
    Hope Jerusalem welcomes you, from the Dutch news it feels like an inhospitable place, at least to me.

  3. Planning your day sounds FUN! :-D

  4. yes. it is true, traveling with kids can be hard. I sometimes feel guilty when i reflect on some family vacations where I was a pain in the ass to my parents. i know it was few and far between, but still. And i watch Ross' cousin try to travel with his 3 kids and it is seems like well... they always come back more exhausted than they started.

    I hope your journey continues to be splendid!