24 February, 2014

A head full of thoughts

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and very little writing.  As you may have noticed.  I've been reading some fascinating thought-provoking articles, but haven’t managed to write down my thoughts that were provoked by these articles.  Not yet.  I have also been reading other blogs, but struggling to comment.  Part of this is a genuine technology issue – commenting from my iPad when I'm in bed or downstairs prone on the couch seems to be fraught with difficulty.  I do most of my blog reading these days through Feedly on my iPad, but I'm getting fed up with the number of times I've written a comment, only to try to publish it or review what I've written and it vanishes, the pages flashing back to the original post listing, my words lost in the ether.

But there have been thoughts I've wanted to share, prompted by a post, that were too long for a comment.  And I've been waiting for the time or inspiration to turn these into a post.  Then there are the comments I want to make, that I feel I need to make, but I sincerely don’t want to upset the original blogger, so I have been (and still am) grappling with how to deal with the subject matter.

So I guess my excuse is, even if I haven’t been posting here, it doesn't mean that I'm not thinking, or reading your thoughts.  And I know that is useless – much the same as someone says, when we’re grieving or stressed, that they’re “thinking of us,” when what we really needed was to hear them say that to us, or to feel their hugs, or simply their presence.  So I apologise for my absence.  And aim to do better.


  1. I understand where you are coming from on so much of this. I feel I don't say things a lot of the time, for fear of how my words will come across. I just wrote a post about that, actually. It was hard to write. ;)

    As for Feedly, I wanted to give a bit of advise, because I've had those same issues on my phone: about half of the blogs I regularly comment on don't "work" with Feedly (eg I write a comment, press Publish and then the screen blinks and I'm right back where I was, sans my comment). What I have learned to do is Select All and Copy before ever pressing Publish. Ever. I ALWAYS do this. Even when I open a post in my browser, which is almost always what I do when I'm reading on Feedly (which is most of the time), because I can't stand losing comments. It infuriates me. Just a tip that might help, from a fellow (frustrated) Feedly commenter. ;)

    I look forward to reading when the urge to write strikes.

    And now I shall Select All and Copy before pressing publish.

    1. Yes. Must remember to copy my post as I'm writing it. (Though I don't have any issues on my laptop, only iPad). I also have this weird thing on the iPad and blogger. If I edit my post in Blogger before I finish it, I can't type anything else. It freezes. It is very frustrating, and stops me commenting on blogs using Blogger on the iPad too. Which is where I do most of my reading. Sigh!

      Loved your post, btw.

  2. Yes! Feedly is terrible for commenting! And it won't take you to the actual website either - it's takes you to a Feedly version...at least on my phone. So annoying for an otherwise decent reader.

    No apologies necessary...

  3. I don't use my phone to blog or browse blogs and never tried to do it via a tablet, either. Can imagine the frustration, though. Sometimes in the past when I did lose my comments, I was really upset.

  4. I don't often comment, either, tho i LOVE getting comments on my blog (which rarely happens. :) )

    I think if i had that problem i'd be writing my comments in another place like notebook, and then moving them to the blog, so that if they disappeared i'd still have them. Just a thought, and maybe not worth the trouble.

    Best wishes.

  5. I have been feeling similar.... Tech is getting in the way of commenting. I love that feeling where I feel moved to comment... and then when it becomes too tricky, my thoughts shift and when I come back the comment, well those comments never feel as genuine as the one I wrote and lost.

    I have been reading along your blogs Mali and really enjoy them. Even if most of the comments I mean to leave here have been thwarted by my phone's tech, feedly, etc.