28 November, 2014

Reviewing the year: Creme de la Creme

I finally decided to sit down and have a look at my 2014 posts, to decide which one I'd like to submit to Mel's Creme de la Creme as the post that has "words that have moved another person or ideas that have kicked off a series of musings." A best post, in effect. I hope you're all doing the same - I can't wait to see your contributions to the Creme de la Creme.

I decided to be systematic about it, so drew up a Long List. (Yes, I'll never win the Man Booker Prize, or even be on its Long List, but I can pretend!)  As I drew up my list, it surprised me how quickly the year had gone, and how prolific I had been at the beginning of the year. I knew immediately when I cam to the post that would be my Creme de la Creme submission. Perhaps you will know too. Or maybe you can guess?

But for what it's worth, I thought I'd list my Long List, starting with the oldest posts first:

Thanking No Kidding Women  A response to an article thanking us, and the letter I wished had been written to us.
Why we should support the childfree-by-choice  What we have in common with the childfree
Is society really baby-obsessed?  A response to a question, and my thoughts on why this is bad for all women
Those Throwaway Comments  A discussion I heard about an article commenting on whether people with children are happier than people without children led to some throwaway comments, and my thoughts about them.
People without children don't miss anything  I emailed the radio station, received a response that only fanned the (my) flames, and responded in kind.
You can't please all the people all the time  Blogging, insensitive comments, and being thankful. It might surprise you.
Infertility's Waiting Room   My thoughts on being "in the trenches" of infertility, and moving on.
Things I wish I'd been told about the Big M  The title speaks for itself.
The injustice of being a woman   Raging against our biology
Friendship 101   Thoughts on friendship when one party is suffering from infertility.
Gifts of Infertility: A Series - #1 - We are not alone   Infertility feels very lonely. But thanks to technology none of us need go through this alone.
Saying "goodbye" to our dreams   Learning to let go to what we can't have. 
The F Word   Thoughts on the concept of failure, and what it really means. 

The Best of the Adoption/Loss/Infertility Blogs of 2014


  1. You know my vote. But all of these posts are very good. Go with what your heart tells you.

  2. Oh no -- I think Blogger just ate my comment. I was just saying that I love to see the long-lists and wish more people did this.

  3. Great list! Some of these posts I've read before and others I just read for the first time. I think that all would be great choices for your submission, but I think I know which one you will pick (picked?). I also found your "Things I wish I'd been told about the big M" post particularly relevant for my current situation.

  4. Wish I'd done this too! I'll file away the idea for next year...! ;)

    I submitted my post (& I can't even think of which one it was, offhand) & then immediately wrote at least two other candidates. Oh well!

  5. All great posts. I'm a huge fan of "The F Word," which I've shared in a few places, but you can't go wrong with any of these! So glad to have your voice and insights.

  6. I love so many of your blog posts it'd be hard for me to pick one, but it was easy for me to pick my submission for the list he he he he he...