15 January, 2015

Spreading the word

As you probably know (or have guessed) I blog under a pseudonym. Mali is a Thai name (it means "jasmine") that I was given when I lived there as an exchange student. I love that I get to use it every day on my blog and commenting on other blogs. I have come out under my real name twice in the infertility sphere, on Pamela's Silent Sorority blog, and then when the Huffington Post picked that guest post up for a feature week on women who went out to live No Kidding lives. Then, I included a small photo too, along with my real name. That was a big deal for me. I'm not a fan of photos!

But I've gone and done it again. Lesley Pyne, a UK therapist who works with childless women with a focus on learning to enjoy our lives and celebrate the good in them, has profiled me as part of a series of writers & bloggers who live No Kidding lives. She's included a number of inspirational members of my small blogging community here, Pamela Tsigdinos (Silent Sorority), Lisa Manterfield (Life Without Baby), and Loribeth (Road Less Travelled). It was an honour to be asked to share my story on Lesley's website, and to think through some of the questions she asked. And when it came to choose a photo, I decided to include a shot taken of me in Petra, Jordan, on our Lemons to Limoncello trip in 2013. It's not the best photo ever taken of me, but it seemed right, simply because travelling is one of the great gifts of infertility for me and my husband.

You can find my story here, and the other inspirational women's stories here, and more about Lesley and her practice here.


  1. I LOVE that you did this! Loribeth and Pamela too! Bravo ladies!!! These pieces are amazing and beautiful.

    BTW: I love the photo of you. Truly captures the Mali I've had the pleasure to grow to know.

  2. Awesome job. You are an inspiration and a great person for speaking out. Lesley is another great person who is an inspiration. I wish we all connected under different circumstances but I am honored to know you all.

    You sound a lot like my wife in not liking your picture taken. Lol

  3. I'm glad you've gone and done it again and that you shared a picture! You are an inspiration for so many!

    (I also do not care to have my picture taken!)

  4. BRAVO loved that you did this!!
    You are inspiring indeed, and continue to break your own barriers!

  5. Excellent profile, Mali! :) (Photo included, lol.)

  6. That was an awesome interview, Mali! That photo truly represents the traveller in you. :-) Here's to celebrating you!

  7. So happy that you and Lesley teamed up here. You're beautiful inside and out. It is truly gratifying to see the stories and experiences and lessons gathered up in one location. Well done!!