02 February, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Back to school

School starts today, after the long summer break. Already on Fb I've seen a few photos - my nephew's first day at high school, my friend's second son's first day at school. I'm smiling at these photos - I like them.

Because first day of school means I get my city back. You can see what I mean on my #MicroblogMondays post on A Separate Life.

Perspective is everything.


  1. haha yep, we get our swimming pools back! But I guess its offset with the schoolrun traffic as well (doesn't really affect me though)

  2. Nice! Glad that you have your city back!

  3. It's always nice when that happens. Kinda like school breaks around my area (counting down on this end!)

  4. The city is yours to have!!
    I love it when school is out here, as a commuter, the traffic eases up and the roads are not filled with multitasking parents on the phone and behind the wheel

  5. so true! I love traveling school is in session and prefer to stay in our town when it isn't. It is great to be able to have that flexibility and freedom.