13 February, 2015

Bloggy Valentines

I don't do Valentines Day. But Mel had a lovely idea - to choose 5 blogs at random, and post with a sentence about what you love about each one, and to list it on her post. I'm all for celebrating the bloggers who make me happy, make me laugh, and make me think. So I decided to dive in too, assuming it wasn't limited to the first five she tagged (I might be wrong, I don't know!), choosing five IF blogs randomly from my Feedly list. I'm not going to "tag" anyone on this list though, as I always fear that this is an unwelcome imposition. But they should feel free to join in if they wish.

Okay. Straight away, I struck a problem. How to choose five blogs randomly? But I did want to be random, because if I was playing favourites, I'd never be able to stop at just five! So I wrote out all the No Kidding blogs on my Feedly list. Then I added the ALI blogs that I read regularly. Cut them up, shook them up in a plastic bag I had close to hand, and drew out five. When I realised that three of these hadn't posted in a year, and another had only posted once in about two years, I discarded them, and tried again. Better luck with this list of more regular bloggers.

This is my Valentines list:

That's Ms. Infertile to You I've been reading Hgavin for a long time. She's a profuse poster on her blog, and I love that she so accurately conveys the vibrancy of Berlin, a city I've visited once but only for a few days. The best things though are that she has a sense of humour, and opinions on infertility issues and debates that she isn't afraid to share. I've linked to her new infertility/no kids blog first, but you can find her original blog here.

The Barrenness is creative and thoughtful and funny. She never fails to make me think, and her efforts in reclaiming her body are inspiring.

POF and Now What? A blog from Amsterdam, another city I loved but have visited (twice) for only a short time, and I love thinking I have a friend there. V is now a parent, but I don't feel our blogging relationship has changed at all. I appreciate her honesty, here and on her blog, and the careful way she thinks about life, and the fact she's never been scared away from my No Kidding life.

Not a Wasted Word is a relatively new blog from someone I have been reading for a long time. I can't remember if she found me or I found her, but despite our different lives (she has two children), I also love that she hasn't been scared away from reading or talking about a no kidding life either. I love her ability and willingness to look inside herself, and her frank, sometimes excruciating honesty, all in a quest to be better. I find it very inspiring to read how hard she strives.

And last, but never least, I had to smile when I plucked out Silent Sorority. I feel as if Pamela is the leader of our little band of No Kidding bloggers and readers. She paved the way before the rest of us, and I have no doubt she'll still be here when I've moved on. Pamela is articulate, intelligent and thoughtful. I love that she advocates so fiercely for women without children, and has moved on to thinking about infertility/no kids policy issues in society and the economy. She is the much-valued leader of our not-so-silent-anymore sorority, and I love her for that.

PS:  Oops. I see now that Mel suggested just one sentence for each person/blog. No-one would seriously expect me to be able to stick to that though!


  1. You've made me randomly happy!
    Thank you.

  2. You put a lot of effort into randomizing it! Love your valentines.

  3. Feeling very loved and humbled by your sweet Valentine, Mali! Much love and admiration in return. xo

  4. Thank you so much for coming around and reading my little posts. Come visit Berlin again!

  5. So touched and overwhelmed...
    I am beyond honored and humbled!
    Happy to be your valentine <3

  6. I loved reading about your method! I decided not to tag the same blogs as Mel had, and then just ran down my blogroll & plucked out some names that struck me as ones I'd like to send a Valentine to and could articulate why. Thanks for giving me a few new ones to investigate!