12 October, 2015

Cheating on #MicroblogMondays

Some #MicroblogMondays, I am at a complete loss about what to post. I might just have written a long post only a few days earlier. I might have had a brainwave in the weekend about what to write about, and then promptly forgotten it. I might have too much to say, and feel limited by eight sentences. Or, like today, I might simply feel devoid of inspiration, having had a late night, an early morning, and spent much of the afternoon arranging a long weekend away with my husband.

So I thought, " ... maybe, reblogging would be an idea." It's cheating, yes, but still it might be helpful if I pull out an old post, along with all the wise or funny comments. (It's helping me, at least!)

So if you’re in the mood to reread one of my old posts, go read this one, way back in December 2010, in my second month of IF blogging:


  1. Have a lovely long weekend away!!
    and on the other post: Yes to media training, there are so many techniques of walling questions, or even politely responding 'that is an interesting question' / it seems some people do want to talk about it more than others / I've wondered that myself. There must be many more ways, some even not letting the asker know they didn't get an answer. DP does that sometimes, answer a different question then the one I asked.

  2. Great post to reblog, I don't think that's cheating at all! I love "the dog's allergic." That one might be my favorite.

  3. Not cheating at all. It's a way to give an old post a little love.

  4. All for cheating as this is a great read!