04 December, 2015

Dropping in to say hi

Apart from #MicroblogMondays - I don't want to end my run of a #MM post on both my spaces all year - I haven't been doing much around the blogs this last week or two. I literally have 24 hours at home, after a very stressful 11 days or so, and I'm leaving again tomorrow morning, so rather than try and catch up with some blogs and posts and not others, I thought a generic note here would be best.

All I can say about the last week or so is that it has made me determined to plan for my old age, and make moves in advance of actually needing them, to ensure that there will be people around me to help when life gets difficult. I have also been thankful that I've been able to spend two weeks focusing on my mother, and helping my sister, rather than worrying about getting home to children. I say that without a twinge or feeling of guilt. (And I've just realised that this time 14 years ago I was pregnant for the first time.)

Next week we're going to have a much more pleasant time, and personally, I think it is well-deserved!


  1. Hugs, Mali! I definitely think you've earned rest and relaxation! I hope you have a great time, wherever you are going!

  2. I am also determined to plan for my old age & make moves in advance.

    I am happy for your pleasant (well-deserved) time next week.

  3. Glad for you. My prayers are with you. Keep your fingers cross.

  4. Sending you my best wishes at this difficult time.

    Enjoy next week.

  5. Here's wishing you a very well-deserved good time, wherever you're off to. :)

  6. Oh, have a wonderful time wherever you are going and I hope it gives you well-deserved R&R. (rest and reprieve? relaxation & rejuvenation? I forget what that stands for...) I hope that the new year brings peace to you.