13 June, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Books

Nothing pithy or thoughtful today, as I’ve been thinking about some other things this week, and my brain is all used up.

So this is merely a Watch This Space post, flagging that I’ll be doing some book reviews over the next week or two. It does seem to be book review week, as last week I wrote a post over on A Separate Life outlinging the books I read during my convalescence, that was my first book review post there, and given the crickets in the comments section, might be my last too!

I have however reviewed books here – I reviewed Pamela’s Finally Heard last year, though I just realised today I haven’t reviewed Lisa’s recent book here yet (though I did review on Amazon and Goodreads) either! A few weeks ago I was sent a review copy of a new book about a woman’s experience of IVF in Australia, which – along with the approach for the AWW article – means that No Kidding is showing up more often in searches! I finished it at 1 am this morning, but I have too much to say to fit in a MicroblogMondays eight sentence post, so will review it over the next week or two.

I find book reviews quite difficult, as - through my book club, and through seeing the reactions to various books written in this community – I am acutely aware that what speaks to me doesn’t necessarily speak to others, and vice versa. Still, all I can do is be sensitive and honest.


  1. I don't always get a lot of responses on my book review posts either, even when they are ALI-related. But I still post them. ;) For one thing, it's a way for me to keep track of my reading! Will look forward to reading yours! :)

  2. I love book reviews! I look forward to reading the new ones. I love the value of hearing someone's perspective on a book when reading is so personal. We can all read the same book and not see it the same way, which is lovely, actually.

  3. Yay! Book reviews! Looking forward to reading. Thank you.

  4. Yeah i read this book and really loves it. And thats really nice review.

    1. This is so funny I think I'll leave it here and not delete it!

  5. It's hard to comment about book reviews. But I read Loribeth's religiously as it adds books to my reading list. So post away!

  6. I find it more difficult to write book review posts vs. a tiny review on Amazon. With posts, I tend to just talk about a small section of the book that resonated with me. Like I just mention a place of connection vs. the book as a whole.