25 October, 2016

No regrets. Boom boom!

Last week, when I made a quip in my Microblog Mondays post, I finished the sentence with “boom boom!” and then asked if anyone got the reference. It probably wasn’t entirely fair, because I suspect only Commonwealth (and maybe only UK, Aus and NZ) countries might have seen the old series with Basil Brush. I used to watch it as a child, and had pretty much forgotten about him until that “boom boom!” just appeared out of nowhere.

Would I have loved to teach children to finish their jokes with a “boom boom” exclamation? Of course, but you know, I’m not overly sad about it. To be honest, it kind of tickled me that a little bit of my childhood popped up unexpectedly.

I prefer to appreciate memories of my own childhood for what they are, or for things I do now, rather than live in regret for what might have been. Life goes on, and it’s up to me to enjoy it.


  1. Ah! An explanation. Now I'm curios about Basil Brush.

  2. I need to look up Basil Brush on youtube!

    You teach me so many lessons, and tonight it's that someday I'll be able to look back on my childhood memories with fondness as opposed to with a pang of sadness. Today's not that day for me, but someday.

  3. This is so true...for everyone.

  4. Exacty, Life goes on, and it’s up to us to enjoy it.
    Wishing you a lovely spring week.
    kind regards from cold autumn.

  5. Never heard of Basil Brush here in Canada. I've sometimes wondered even if I'd had children & tried to introduce them to the things I loved as a child, whether they would have appreciated it or just shrugged (ouch). Ah well, I guess you can't blame parents/adults for trying. ;)

  6. Love this. Enjoying those moments for what they meant to you, not what they could have meant in some alternate reality. Great reminder. Now I have to go look up Basil Brush...