11 April, 2017

An important reminder

Yes, I missed another Microblog Monday last week, but I was visiting my niece and her parents (see What Charlie Taught Me) so I figure I have a good excuse.

A dear friend has just been told by her body, in the nastiest way, to take good care of herself. It's a good message, a reminder we all need from time to time, to slow down, smell the roses and breathe. Too often we do what we think we should be doing, rather than what's really important, and that applies to the No Kidding amongst us as much as busy parents, as we've all put on a brave face, or kept busy to the point of exhaustion to avoid having the time to think. Take care of yourselves, you're important!

Soon (but not soon enough!) we leave for our first big trip for almost four years, which is the longest break between (major, ie not Australia) destinations of our marriage. Go check out A Separate Life, where I'm going to run a small competition to guess where we're going. I know I've told one or two of you, in comments on your blogs, about at least one of my destinations, so feel free to email me (rather than enter the competition) and you'll get a postcard too.


  1. That is a great reminder. One I am facing myself. Taking care of yourself first sounds so simple until you run yourself into the ground and discover that perhaps your priorities have been ever so slightly skewed and the body really does keep score. I hope your friend is okay. I feel like these past few weeks have been so rough on so many people. I am excited for your trip! If you told me I've forgotten (I have goldfish brain lately) but I can't wait to hear about it. I hope you're feeling better, too.

  2. This is so exciting - you are visiting 8 countries. I thought you will be visiting only 3. Wishing you a wonderful travelling!

    (If we didn't have to save all the money possible for our little house - I would just buy two tickets and meet you in one of the eight countries for a lunch).

  3. Sending good thoughts and hope your friend is on the mend. It's a good reminder to slow down and pay attention to our bodies and surroundings.

  4. Indeed.

    Looking foward to stories of yor journey.