06 November, 2017

Two aunt-related things that made me smile

When looking after my niece recently, my husband and I headed to the big indoor sports stadium to watch her play her last game of basketball for the year. As we both love sport and were very good at different sports when we were children, we have felt that we missed out sharing that with children, but I was pleased that I wasn't wistful at all when I was there; in fact, I found it totally lovely to see hundreds of children and their parents and siblings and supporters in this huge stadium involved in such a healthy activity on a Friday night.

A woman sat next to us, and when she asked if we had a grandchild playing, I cringed a little, thinking that my sister probably gets this a bit too (and her older husband definitely does). I had to laugh, though, because I am the age I am, and I have friends my age who are grandparents too. Still, perhaps one of the advantages of not being a grandparent is not feeling quite as old as the word "grandparents" would make us feel.

On another matter, my sister mentioned to me that she and her husband had recently talked to Charlie about their guardianship arrangements, saying that, amongst other options, they could choose my husband and I.

She thought about it, and said, happily, and with satisfaction at solving a problem,
"Mali and Uncle Mali, please. Oh, and that would be really good, too, because they couldn't have kids."



  1. How sweet! I love your Charlie <3

  2. I love her response. Made me smile too.

  3. That is amazing. I love her response. What an honor, even though you hope that never happens. My best friend and her husband chose us for her children, and it made me feel warm that they trusted us with that responsibility and that their kids were happy with the choice (even though that would be a terrible thing if it came to pass). I'm glad the basketball game was fun!

  4. Charlie rocks! :) <3 (And so do you! ;) )