29 December, 2017

It was worth it

On Christmas Day, my husband’s childless/free aunt and uncle arrived at our house first. Almost as soon they arrived in the door, Uncle H noted that he had seen my photograph in the paper a few weeks ago, and complimented me on the article.

“It’s true, there is a stigma,” he said, in his thick Austrian accent. “Even if it is mostly unspoken, you know it is there.”

I agreed, adding that it's not always unspoken!

And now I wonder, how many times in his life has he been able to talk to someone about this? Knowing that the answer is inevitably "not very often, if at all"  has made all those nerves I suffered over the article and photo and video worthwhile.


  1. Congratulations. Sad they had a lifetime of this and chuffed you were able to give them the chance to be open about what it meant for them.

  2. this is so priceless, that the childless/free uncle complimented you on the article.
    Congratulations for the courage!
    Happy New Year!!

  3. How lovely that the uncle read the article and talked to you about it!
    Well done, Mali!

  4. Bravo Mali! And how wonderful to get this feedback from your uncle. You did an amazing thing putting yourself out there. I’m so glad that your doing so have a positive impact on a loved one.

  5. So true. I'm sure he has had very few chances to speak about it and be understood and I'm sure there are many people out there feeling the same way so articles like the one you took part in are great for raising awareness!

  6. A compliment like that is worth its weight in gold. :) -- even more meaningful coming from a family member who also `gets it`! You done good, Mali! ;)