25 December, 2017

Only one day

It is Christmas Eve here in NZ, and I am wrapping my final gifts, the dessert is in the oven, my husband is vacuuming the house, and before  I start another list of chores, I'm taking a break and feeling thoughtful, writing my Microblog Monday in advance.

On Monday, my house will be full of family - in-laws, but family nonetheless. I know I am lucky. The one person I know who won't be with family or friends tomorrow has declined an invitation to join us. Ironically, she is a mother, with four children and many grand-children. She says, though, that she will be okay on her own, and in truth, I know she won't be.

It does make me sad, though, to know there will be many lonely people tomorrow, and that's the part I dislike about these institutionalised family celebrations such as Christmas. So I spare a thought for anyone out there who is feeling alone, send my love, and remind them that it is only one day.


  1. it’s more than ironic that those who most often are alone on the holidays are the ones who have children or family close by. I think it shows another example that there are zero guarantees in life and it really is about what we decide to make of it.

    I’m glad you invited her. Maybe she’ll change her mind tomorrow? Regardless, it was very thoughtful of you and I hope that she and so many others find a way to have a little bit of light in what is prenched as a joyous time. Thinking of them. Wishing you much love too.

  2. Sending you hugs for your great, big heart.

  3. Sad isn’t it, that there are many people who spend a day like Christmas Day alone and lonely. You know, yesterday, on Christmas Day afternoon, there was a shooting happened on our apartment complex. It was a domestic violence matter and the wife and two kids ended up dead. It was the most tragic incident happened on a Christmas Day here. I think it’s okay to be alone rather than with people who just don’t value our worth! I hope you had a good day. Wishing you a happy 2018. ��

  4. Sparing a thought for people who aren't with who they'd like to be with this holiday time. A good reminder, Mali!

    It was nice of you to make the invitation.

  5. Christmas makes me pensive too - I've always thought the forced fun highlights everything else: the loneliness, the loss, the sadness. And yeah, people with kids are often alone on the 25th, or unwanted. The comments from some adult children I know about their parents and parents-in-law, as they try desperately to minimize the hours spent with them at Christmas, are very telling. Better to have friends and family that want to be with you.

    Kind words, thank you, and Happy New Year to you

  6. There is a lesson in there...

    So kind to offer the invitation. I trust all those in attendance had a lovely visit. Happy Christmas! Cheers for the New Year!

  7. It was nice of you to offer, even if the invitation was declined! -- my mother has often extended invitations to friends & neighbours who won`t be with family on Christmas & other big holidays like Easter & Thanksgiving. And she keeps a stash of little gifts, boxes of chocolates, etc., so that everyone has a present to open under the tree. Hope you had a great day!