26 February, 2018

Talking about infertility and childlessness

You could have knocked my socks off. I was watching a recorded TV programme the other night,  forgot to fast foward through the ads, and then I heard Jesse (I've written about him before) talking about our Prime Minister's pregnancy (and since then another Cabinet Minister has announced her pregnancy, as has a well-known TV personality), and how tough this news could be for those don't have children. His 5-day-a week TV programme is going to run a series of items about infertility this week, to
"make conversations about not having babies as natural and normal and open as having them." 
I don't know if he's talking about himself - he does go on a bit at times about being a father, but equally tries not to say things like "as a parent" and to be more inclusive. and when he asked "that question" he did note there had been a lot of discussion in the team about whether it was even appropriate to ask.

I found this article and video, and I will be watching/recording this week to report back.

This is the first time I've heard any prominent media programme talk about not having children as the most normal thing possible. I wanted to cheer. I just hope that they include those of us who don't come out of infertility with babies, as well as those who do.


  1. I bet good money there is someone in his life who learned they wouldn’t be parenting. Compassion like this comes from having to experience the grief of losing one’s children. I’m also glad this new anchor is being open (it is needed) and talking about something that not long ago was considered taboo.

    1. Yes, I agree. I'm convinced it's either him himself, or one of the staff on the programme.

  2. I am so happy to hear about this daily series that this news outlet is going to do for a week. I am looking forward to reading your posts about them!!

  3. Gaaah, that video was amazing! I hope that you weigh in, even anonymously. I hope that they address those who go through infertility and come out without children, too. He seemed super empathetic. How wonderful that this is getting mainstream attention! So looking forward to your take as it goes on.

  4. Just watched the videos and Jayjay talking about her experience. About time the conversation was had in a wider way (tv) as without knowledge people will unintentionally blunder with their words and attitudes and continue to hurt those suffering. I'm glad they're shining a light and teaching people to be compassionate and aware.

  5. My dear NZ penpal of 40+ years sent me the link to this and some of the reports they've been doing... I think it's amazing. I have to admit, I have a hard time picturing one of the major U.S. or Canadian networks doing something similar -- although I'd LOVE to be proven wrong!!