05 February, 2018

Being an aunt

I’ve been busy this past week being an aunt. On Monday, I taught my nephew how to make my delicious fudgy chocolate brownies. He’s 18, off to university in a week, and needed to know this essential information before he goes. I took pleasure in pulling out my mother’s old measuring cup, melodramatically telling him that my mother had taught me to bake with this cup, and now I had the honour of teaching him.

The rest of the week I hosted my sister and my littlest niece, who at nine-years-old turns out to be not so little, as she tried to use my No Kids status in her favour. When I asked her to do something because – not having children – I didn’t know how to do it, she pointed out that I "could use the practice!"

But I could go one better. I pointed out that one of the advantages of not having children was not having to do certain things that children could do for themselves!


  1. I love your auntie stories! Your nieces and nephews are so lucky to have these wonderful moments with you, even when they try to exploit you (unsuccessfully).

  2. Classic. You're the best aunt.

  3. I love the image of you baking with your nephew, using your mother's cup. :) being an auntie definitely has its perqs!

  4. I'm positive that learning to make brownies is an essential skill for a guy headed off to university, and I'm so glad he had an amazing teacher to ensure he mastered it!