03 January, 2019

Happy New Year!

I've been travelling the last two weeks or so, and so my blogging was reduced to a travelogue over on my daily blog. If you want to see photos of where I've been, and read a bit about New Zealand, head over and start reading from here.

As it is the start of a new year, I want to renew my commitment to this space, and to the No Kidding among my readers. I've had some lovely feedback from readers recently, which has been very welcome feedback, and reinforced why I write here. So I would also like to renew my invitation to anyone to email me if you want to take a conversation further in private.

I don't know exactly where 2019 will take me, but I feel more enthusiastic about this year than the last few years, for a few reasons. There are some things holding me back, but I have to say that being a No Kidding or childless woman isn't one of them - not right now, at least. I think you will all find this. That as we get older, our situation becomes just a part of our lives, only occasionally painful, most of the time just there, an accepted fact of life, and sometimes, it is completely forgotten, as we go about our lives.

Right now, I wish you all the very best for the coming year. I'll see you here, I hope, and on your blogs. 


  1. You have lovely photos in your Instagram. I love all of them! Happy New Year! Cheers to us living the childless life! :)

  2. Dear Mali, Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad you got new motivation for writing here :) Léa

  3. Happy new year, Mali! :) Looking forward to reading more over the next 12 months!