14 January, 2019

No Kidding in 2019

I’m hoping in 2019 to address some issues I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

I have a post about menopause in the works. It is getting quite long, so I might end up doing a series.

Secondly, I’m thinking about grief again, what role it plays, whether it stays with you as the years pass, etc.

I’m going to continue to revisit some favourites, such as the Pain Olympics, saving the world, pity and empathy, and so on.

And I’m going to continue to think about the place of the No Kidding in the world, and how that affects us day-to-day.

Along with all these goes the issues around blogging and support, and I have some thoughts about that to work through. And the best way to work through any of these thoughts is to write about them.

I'm hoping to have a few guest bloggers giving their unique perspectives here too, giving us all some more food for thought. 

Finally, don’t forget to check out my 2018 No Kidding post in review, which I published rather belatedly over the weekend.

Are there any issues you’d like me to think about, revisit, or feel that I’ve neglected over the years? I’d be happy to take requests, either in the comments, or via email (malinzblog at yahoodotcodotnz).

Roll on 2019!


  1. Looking forward to all of these posts!

  2. So much to be excited about in 2019! These are great topics. Menopause in particular, as that is probably something to bring up old wounds. I always love your perspective, and the way you challenge misconceptions about No Kidding life and champion for us all.

  3. This all sounds terrific to me. Especially the series on menopause. I'll be here reading!

  4. I'm looking forward to your conversations.

  5. This all sounds terrific to me too. :) I find there's so little personal writing out there on the experience of menopause -- nevermind from the perspective of a childless/infertile woman -- I think there's a definite audience out there ready to absorb more about that!