21 January, 2020

No Kidding 2020 Project: Day 1 - Show Up

In the words of Adriene, who inspired this project, the simple act of showing up means you are half-way there. Showing up in No Kidding terms means you recognise your infertility journey is over, or might be over soon. That’s why you’re here. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to be ready to move on. You don't even have to acknowledge it out loud. But you're here. You're reading. So just note that fact, and note how you’re feeling about it. Honestly. Without kidding yourself. That’s your reality at the moment. 

By showing up, you’re acknowledging that the quest to build a family is ending (or maybe it never began), and that a new journey is about to begin. By showing up – here, or on other blogs/websites /Instagram/social media pages or simply to yourself – you are trying to find others who might ease the way. You’re saying you want to be okay – even if right now you don’t believe it is possible. Well, be proud of yourself. Because showing up is halfway to healing. It’s rejecting the denials and the “never give up” exhortations that we see elsewhere, and that work for some, but never for others. It is moving forward into a new life.

And for those of us who have been around for a while, showing up regularly is still important for us too. Or it is for me at least. Not only does it help me to help others, but I know that I need to acknowledge my life honestly, my flaws and my virtues. Doing this will, I hope, help me continue to grow and understand and accept the totality of a No Kidding life. The downs and the ups. And that way, I am sure, lies peace.


  1. So important and so true! Showing up is halfway there, for sure. I try to remember this and when I heed it, I proceed. When I don't, I stay stuck.

  2. I absolutely love this!
    Looking forward to the next post in the series and THANK YOU for still showing up ♡.