23 March, 2020

Timely resources

I'm taking a break from my project today, simply because my mind won't turn to it. NZ has just announced a lockdown for four weeks, and I'm just getting my head around it. I'm glad we're doing it now, rather than when it is too late. If lockdowns work, then it will have been well worthwhile. But this news reminded me that now is not the time to go quiet on everyone in our much-loved No Kidding circles. Or wider.

So right now I'm going to flag some posts others in our community have written recently:

You might have been hiding under a rock if you haven't seen posts from many other No Kidding bloggers about Jody Day's update of her book, Living the Life Unexpected, in her Global Blogtour. If you're feeling alone right now, this is a great resource, and so are the blogs of all those included in the blogtour, so it's worth checking out these wonderful blogs. You'll have seen some of these posts appear in my blogroll of favourite No Kidding blogs. I wasn't involved in this blogtour because of other projects, so I'm really pleased all those other amazing people have been writing about it.

Jody has also written a great post about Mother's Day (as it has just ended in the UK) in the current situation, and that might give you some comfort too, I hope.

Infertile Phoenix wrote a lovely post here about using the tools she developed during and post-infertility, and it is worth checking out, as it's a very good reminder..

This community online has always been so supportive of each other, and I've always been proud of that. It's something we can continue to rely on, especially if we are isolated from our normal support networks. And it is a model we can use to support our family and friends as they are isolated too.

I'm going to try to follow my own advice:
  • Learn how to calm myself
  • Don't think about the what-ifs
  • Feel joy and gratitude
  • Connect
  • Be kind (as our Prime Minister always reminds us all) - to myself and others.
  • And breathe. As I often say to others, but say to myself just as often, I must remember to breathe!

Take care. I'm Not Kidding. And Arohanui to all.

And here are some flowers to brighten your day:


  1. Happy (?) lockdown... It's such a weird thing, but so helpful (I hope) for containing spread of the virus. The U.S. is so far behind, and yet exploding with cases. And New York...how wonderful to live in the apparent epicenter of new outbreak. I hope you can take some of this time to enjoy a pause, there's some interesting positives to not having anywhere to go. But it can be stressful. Love the blogs you've listed, Infertile Phoenix's especially. Take care, Mali! These are such bizarre times.

  2. Your list is so good. I'm trying to connect often to the part of me that is formless and timeless.

    Arohanui, indeed <3.

  3. Your prime minister is an inspiration. :) We have not gone to total lockdown (not yet) here in Ontario (each province has done things slightly differently), but we were faster to take action & have more restrictions in place than a lot of the U.S., I think.

  4. Dear Mali, I love your list. Self-care is so important now more than ever.
    Thank you + much love ♡

    PS: I finally figured out how I can comment. I need to go to the preview before publishing, then it works :-).