28 February, 2012

It's on the tip of my tongue ...

I've been reading some interesting blogs lately, and commenting - though not consistently.  A number of times I have started to write a comment, but stopped, thinking to myself "that would be a good topic for a blog post."  Then I've moved on to the next think I was doing, confident I would remember what it was I was going to say.  But here I am ...

Ready to write. 
Time allotted. 
Computer at ready.
Water bottle full.  

... and ...

Mind blank. 

I can't remember what I was going to write about.  I can't remember any of the posts - at least three I am sure - that piqued my interest, that got me thinking.  I'm going to have to go back and search what I've read, and what I've written in response. 

And you can guarantee that by the time I will have done that, I'll have run out of time to write the post.  I am not be stupid.  But I'm definitely forgetful.  I'm hoping it is temporary.


  1. dear Mali,
    it is so nice to read a new post from you. Even if it is only that you forgot what you want to write about. Don't worry... it happens to me often. We just have to much stuff on our mind!
    I wish you a beautiful day!

  2. LOL... this happens to me SO OFTEN!! You are NOT alone!!