25 May, 2012

Just Life

I feel as if I’ve had quite an intense month or two, not only recovering from illness, but also with some pretty serious posts, some intense voluntary work, and so a lot of thinking and writing about infertility and pregnancy loss.  So it’s now Friday afternoon, which means time for another post, and my mind is blank.  Actually, it’s not completely blank (thank goodness!), as I’ve thought of a number of post topics, including a follow up to Biscuits and Broccoli about tomatoes.  I love tomatoes, I understand that some people don’t love tomatoes, and I feel very sad for them that they’re missing out on the absolute joy I felt a few days ago as I sliced into a tomato to toss into my fried rice and smelled that beautiful scent, that promise of deliciousness.  But unlike the “just adopt” folks, I would never try to convince someone to try or to eat tomatoes if they didn’t want to.  Though, really, I ask you, why wouldn’t you want to?  (I know, I know ... and I have now been completely distracted and have gone off to write a post about my general love of tomatoes here.)

Anyway, after the intense month or two, for the last week, or perhaps last few days, I’ve just been enjoying life. I’ve had a book-club get-together, had a friend to visit, went out to dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, been out to brunch at my favourite place on the weekend with my beloved, saw a movie, and I’ve been trying to catch up with my reading of paper books (I’m an e-reader convert). 

I’ve been working out more intensely, determined to try to lose some of that sickness weight, as well as the still-there Christmas weight, and holiday-in-Thailand weight.  Then I’ll be able to start losing that extra last-three-years weight. 

And I’ve had coffee ... a few times ... in nice places.

And I’ve been working hard to finish a photobook of our European trip last year.  I love photobooks.  And I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  So the photo has to be exactly right, the placement of a group of photos has to be exactly right, and the text has to be right.  As my husband said, the book will cost a hundred dollars or so (more), but the time I’ve spent on it probably goes into the tens of thousands of dollars!  Yes, this is what happens when you’re self-employed, and don’t have many active contracts.  I only have a few technical things to check out now and then I'll be finished.  I'm always a bit nervous though when I send in the order. What if there's a glaring typo or mistake?

So I’m looking forward to the free time I’ll have.  Of course, my To-Do List is already incredibly long.  I don’t understand people who say they get bored.  I have more free time than most, and I still can’t do everything I want to do.  Imagine if I had kids!


  1. So many activities... I need to get out and do more stuff, and fill my life with interesting things like you do.

  2. Yum, tomatoes. I love fresh tomatoes and my husband hates them. I admit that I tease him about it--what kind of weirdo doesn't like fresh tomatoes or avocados? ;)

    I am going to check out your travel blog. It sounds like you have had some great trips--jealous!

  3. Your life sounds pretty good to me. :)

    Tomatoes - yes! How can anyone not love them? I've just planted a bunch of tomatoes in my garden and can't wait for them to start producing. There's nothing like a fresh-from-the-garden tomato. *drool*

  4. I can't comment on your other blog any more for some reason but I always read your posts. I'm afaid I'm one of those strange people who don't like tomatoes (it's a texture thing). Please still like me :-)

  5. WOW...you've really got so many things going. GREAT for you! :-D I tend to be too relaxed in many areas, I suppose ha ha ha ha...I've got plenty of ideas but it takes time to get me started hi hi...have a lovely weekend anyway! :-D

  6. Homegrown, heirloom tomatoes... one of my favorite things. :D

  7. I too love tomatoes. :-) I really need to borrow some inspiration from you to get moving on many of the things I want to do. I am envious about your travels. I really need to apply for my passport.

  8. Ah the to-do list, where would we be without them? There's always something to do and as long as there's a list (or Ical equivalent) there's a chance it might get done.

    I like the sound of your photobooks too

  9. I love tomatoes...in certain situations. There are some things tomatoes just don't go in (and I think fried rice is one of those things). I also cannot stand tomato juice, and it makes me gag to smell it. But I will eat tomatoes on their own, as pasta sauce, in appetizers, on tacos...I don't know what my particular limitations are, but I've known for a long time that I'm weird.

    I can't do photobooks, because I would be a perfectionist for the first few pages and then I would just start throwing things anywhere because I wanted to get stuff done.

  10. I think the more we try to accomplish the more we have to do? At least for me anyways…
    I hated tomatoes and everything made from tomatoes growing up. I am starting to like them more and more and as I get older and my tastes are changing. I’m still on the fence with some things tomatoes…but starting to enjoy their flavor!

  11. Urm, hello? Tomatoes are the most amazing food and the food I could not live without. They taste amazing, can be used in many dishes, are gorgeous raw and will liven up the most boring meal. ON top of this, they are really good for you....

    what can I say about the rest of the post? I can't remember it, I have been blinded by the tomatoes.