08 February, 2013

The year has begun

I have a feeling I've written about this before.  But it's Friday afternoon and I'm too lazy to check!  Anyway, this week the summer school holidays ended.  Sure, the university students are still out, but in general, school starting again means the work year has begun in earnest.

I too feel as if the year has finally begun again.  I'm not complaining about the long holiday - I've quite enjoyed it!  But the markers are different for me.  Because the beginning of the year for a self-employed woman without children means freedom:

It means that maybe I’ll be able to find a park around by the beach on Oriental Parade again, to go have coffee at one of my favourite spots, or to have one of my Annual Gelato Days (read more here).
It means the gym won't be filled with kids dragged along by their mothers to work out.
It means that I can venture safely back into the malls, finding a table at my favourite coffee place, enjoying the peace and quiet of a mall on a weekday morning.
It means my Monday morning movie buddy will be free again (provided she doesn’t do anything silly like get a job).

Though the downside is that rush-hour traffic is worse.  But really, in Wellington and the suburb where I live, rush-hour lasts about 20 minutes!


  1. it is lovely to read your post
    (we have lots of snow this winter!)

  2. This post makes me smile. :-) I kinda like this month better than last month 'coz last month I heard too many worrisome/sad news about many people that I know, so I couldn't wait to start a new month. :-)

  3. Rock on! Wish I was close enough to join you...

  4. I feel exactly the same way! (And I have a kid - she's always asking to go to the mall or somewhere on weekends or holidays, and I'm all "Nope - too many people (and by people, I mean people with kids) out and about. We'll go on a less crowded day!")

  5. I love the weirdness of hearing it is the end of summer there when it's the end-ish of winter here.

  6. My newfound distant cousin in Australia is posting photos on Facebook of her kids' first day of school, which seems very strange -- although new year/new school year does have a certain symmetry about it. ;)

  7. Annual Gelato Day - what a great idea (mine's a ferrero rocher one, although I think that KaffeEis might have stopped doing that flava).

    Agree with the schools-going-back markers - one of mine is that the swimming pool I go to opens up to full lane swims again instead of cramming us (full-fee paying too, I might add) adult lap swimmers into 2 lanes so the kids can take over 3/4 of the pool. Gah, humbug!