08 June, 2014

Blogging block

Yes, as you may have noticed, I am struggling to post.  Pre-surgery, I would spend hours a day at my computer.  Of course, I am self-employed, so my computer is where I do my work.  But even when I’m not working (eg now), I climb the stairs to my office, and do stuff at my computer.  I sort and edit my photos, create my photo books (still haven’t finished the third from our summer/autumn overseas last year), write blog posts, read essays and articles, look for jobs, and watch The Daily Show.

Well, pre-surgery The Daily Show disappeared.  Or rather, New Zealanders were geo-blocked from its content.  I've discovered that was because it is now on one of our cable channels, and so I've been watching it from my red leather couch downstairs, where I have been recuperating from the surgery and pre-surgery illness. 

And I discovered that sitting at the computer for long periods of time is verboten.  Tiring easily and pain stopped me coming up here (for that is where I am typing this) for quite a while.  And typing (and commenting) on my iPad isn’t easy, and anyway, typing also requires me to sit up.  So blogging, and all sorts of other computer-related activities have been severely curtailed.  For which I apologise.

On top of all that, my mind has been swirling with Too Much to Think About.  I've been worried about the future (though I accept I can worry about that when I'm better), worried about my recovery (which is now going to plan), alternately worried about and frustrated with family, and angry about the misogyny that I see everywhere, and have been seeing since I was a girl, and wondering if it will ever change.  Recovering from a uniquely female surgery has I think accentuated my feelings of vulnerability and injustice over recent internet discussions.  Then to top it off the childless Pope tells us we will be bitter and lonely in our old age (is he?) -  at the same time condemning millions of people in the developing world to poverty and illness and maternal death and child mortality because he believes in "fruitfulness."  So my head hasn't been in the right space to post, even if my body was.

I promise that in a week or two, I will resume normal service.  Even better, I’d like to post more regularly.  There.  I've said it.  Make sure you hold me to it!


  1. I had very similar thoughts about what the Pope said. Birth control and limiting fertility is the only way to end global poverty which he claims hes against. Hugely disappointed. Also very upset what he said about wasting our love on pets... as an animal person I found this extremely offensive. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. dear Erinvns - I couldn't agree more!

      dear Mali - I wish you a good recovery. I miss you. But things take time... and you shouldn't apologize. You are the boss of this blog, so you can do whatever and whenever you want :) And - we will be there to read, whenever you are ready.


  2. I'll hold you to the posting more.

    If loving my guinea pig (and treating it as the most important member of this house) is wrong, I don't want to be right. In fact, before I wrote this sentence, I just got up to give him a kiss and a cookie and tell him I love him. I am always suspect of any assertion that includes belittling another person's love, relationship, choices, etc.

  3. Those abdominal muscles are important ones to look out for. So sorry you've had to experience such prolonged discomfort. Hope that pain-free, active and blog prolific days lie just around the corner. xo

  4. Oh,I have been in my own bubble and missed this pope drama. I have noticed my Catholic friends saying a lot more about 'so and so being a good Catholic and all' after some comment about the number of kids they had. Hmmm.. wonder if that is at all related.

    I also find it rather interesting that ITALY has such a very low birth rate and if my friend's stories are correct, very little of this wait until marriage thinking about sex that you see in America. I can't imagine either of those things changing any time soon. I also can't see the number of well loved dogs decreasing in Genova any time soon either.

    But back to the more immediate moment, I hope you are feeling better. I have been enjoying your posts immensely. I have so many mental notes to come and actually comment while reading in feedly --- and then life happens. But at least life happening means we are getting much closer to a flat white!

  5. I hope that your recovery has been pretty well, Mali. Well, at least it seems that you've blogged more again. :-) Agree with what Klara said that you're the boss of this blog, so take it easy and just come back whenever you're ready. We'll still be here. :-)