30 July, 2014

Getting lots of rest

Having recovered (mostly) from the surgery, headed back to the gym (starting out gently), and got into a head space where I can start focusing on getting some contract work, I came down with a cold – my first for a year or two.  I headed down to the pharmacy to get some medication that would help me deal with the symptoms, and maybe help me sleep too.  The assistant went through the usual questions – was I on any medication, etc – and then gave the usual advice – take in plenty of  fluids, get lots of rest. 

“That is, get lots of rest if you can,” the kindly shop assistant emphasised.  (Perhaps I looked tired?)

“Yes, I can, actually.  And I will,” I said. 

She looked surprised.  I guess it is unusual – a woman able to take time for herself and rest and recover appropriately from an illness, especially in the middle of the school holidays.

And I reflected that this is one of the advantages of not having children.  First, I don’t get sick very often, as I don’t have children bringing home all the illnesses from school.  (The reason I got sick I assume was that my 6-year-old niece was sick when she visited).  Second, when or if I do get sick, or need surgery, I am able to follow doctor’s orders, and get rest and take things easy.  This certainly helped my recovery from surgery – and I think it helped my recovery from the cold. Afternoon naps were possible, and so was sleeping late in the morning.  My cold is largely gone now, ten days later, and I'm heading back to the gym in an hour or two.

When it is cold and I'm feeling physically and emotionally miserable, I have to say that sometimes, not having children is a big advantage!


  1. I sort of think not having kids actually opens us up to get common illness a little harder because our immune systems are not built up as much. Regardless - I am with you...that is one plus - rest and recovery are not that difficult to achieve!

  2. This is the one thing I've been struggling with is the constant illness. I just recovered from Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, which is rare in adults and contracted mainly through daycares. Anyway, yes, this is a big plus.

  3. True, true. I'm glad that you've been able to go back the gym again. YAAAAAAYYY!!! I love the endorphins after a good work out session. :-) I remember the last time I had cough for weeks on end. I went to the pharmacy to buy some medication and the pharmacist told me, "Oh, but this is not recommended for children." I thanked her, but wondered if she thought I bought them for my kids ha ha ha ha ha...but yeah, especially when I'm sick and I don't feel like cooking or anything much, I feel glad that there aren't small kids that I have to take care of. When I don't feel like cooking, my husband can prepare his own food.

  4. I love lying in bed with the cats, being miserable, and not needing to worry about anyone. My husband takes care of himself and I can experiment with cold medications. I don't know how parents manage when they are sick.

  5. This is definitely an advantage of being childless (and now unemployed!). It's a relief to know now that if/when Aunt Flo shows up, I can stay on the couch with a bottle of ibuprofen & be as lazy as I want to be. ;)