18 July, 2014

You could always ...

I'm shocked to see it has been so long since I posted.  My sister and six-year-old niece came to visit for six days, so that will be my excuse.  And as of this morning, I now have their cold, but I'm not using that as an excuse.  It does remind me though that by not having children, who pick up everything going, we do stay a lot healthier!

We had a lovely time together (I blogged about it here), despite the miserable (but expected) midwinter weather, which meant that some of our planned trips (the zoo, the bird sanctuary, etc) did not come off.  It did mean that our time was more relaxed, and we had more time to get to know each other. I played many games of snakes and ladders, and baked chocolate chip cookies, and watched movies, and made pancakes for breakfast, and got lots of cuddles.

As I was giving my niece a big hug ... another one ... I told her that I needed to give her lots of hugs because I don't have a little girl, and I don't see her often enough.

"You could always adopt one!" she declared, as she escaped from my clutches and raced off to do the next exciting thing.  I shrugged, and laughed.  I mean, what was there to say?


  1. My husband little cousin did that once. She was 7 at the time. It was very hard to figure out how to explain to a child how its just...not that easy. I didn't have the heart to tell her some people don't become mom's. I felt lie that would have ruined her young childhood.

    1. I actually have to disagree. I don't think that would have ruined her young childhood at all. I think she would have grown up understanding and accepting that some people are mothers, and some people aren't.

    2. ... not to leave it there ;-) ... you've got me thinking ...

  2. dear Mali,
    it was lovely to read your today's post. Since I just returned two nieces (6years & 4 years) back home. It was lovely, but I am exhausted now (we had negotiations why people (especially kids) REALLY should sleep when the time is past midnight). I am enjoying my quiet appartment, I will take a nap now.

    I guess your niece heard the thing about adopting many times from her mom (when you were not around). No other way could she think of that at that age.

    Regarding comment about not telling children that women become moms - I have to tell you story of my mum's aunts. My mum was a young mom, so when I was born, her aunts were 40 - 45 years old. And many of them were childless, since in their generation were many more women then man (result of WWII). I remember asking as a child my granny, where are their granddaughters and grandsons (=obviously so I could play with them). My granny explained that the two aunts don't have any. I wanted to know why. And the answer was that they can't have them since they didn't have children. I wanted to know why not. And she responded that they didn't get marry.

    And - as I young child I was completely OK that one doesn't marry and one doesn't have children :)

    Since - one of the childless aunts - Aunt Lucija - was my favourite aunts all times. She passed away recently, aged almost 90.

    (And - I never cared about my real aunts / uncles - because they were only focusing on their own children and never cared about me. I don't mind. After all, I had aunt Lucija. And another aunt (who also passed away - but this other aunt did have grandchildren, but she loved me a lot anyway).

    This is the longest comment I have ever written I guess :)

    love from Europe,


    1. Klara, I love long comments! And glad you had a good time with your nieces.

      I'm not sure that my niece would have heard the thing about adopting from her mother. Maybe. It's possible though that she has friends who are adopted, and I recall something about adoption in one of her books or movies when she was here. I think it is a concept kids learn about early these days.

  3. Ahhhhh...I'm glad you got a chance to spend time with your sister and niece and getting lots of hugs from your niece, too.

  4. You KNOW she's repeating something she's heard before elsewhere...!!

    My SIL's niece, as a pre-schooler, used to fix me with her big brown eyes & ask (usually loudly & in the presence of other family members), "And where's YOUR baby?" (This before we had ever even started ttc.) Kids...!!

    But I'm glad you had a good visit. :)