29 July, 2014

A rash impulse or a sound commitment?

As you can see on the sidebar, I have signed up to ComLeavWe, or International Comment Leaving Week.  It means I've committed to a week in August (21-28) of leaving six comments a day on blogs.  Now, many of you may do this every month, and will roll your eyes at both my enthusiasm and trepidation.  Feel free!  I have only done IComLeavWe a few times, though, so this is a big deal!

I do try to comment regularly, I probably average a couple of comments every day, but committing to six is going to be a stretch, especially with the issues I have commenting using the combination of an iPad and Feedly and an occasional dodgy internet connection. But it is good to commit to something.  

One of the reasons I don't do this regularly is that I don't hang out on infertility blogs - the women still trying to conceive, or going through an adoption process, unless I've known them for a while.  It's been many years since I was trying to conceive, and so their world is not my own.  Not any more.  Finding new blogs of interest to me, or where I might have something cogent to say, is therefore not always easy.  But I realised I haven't hunted around for new blogs to follow for a while now, and there may be other blogs that I read regularly but where I don't comment, and so I'm embracing the spirit of this.

And after all my discussions about role models and hidden doorways and different paths, and after reading a post today about our path being dimly lit, I've decided it's time to shine a bit more light on a no kidding life.  And to stop just doing it here where I'm cosy and comfortable, but to reach out and maybe do it elsewhere too.  Even if all I am doing is showing that we won't lash out in bitterness or jealousy, and that others don't have to censor themselves around us, and that in due course, we can cope with their journeys, even if they are on the path that we once wanted to tread.
I just hope I remember come 21 August!


  1. I agree. Once we moved to living child free, my interest in blogs changed a bit. I still follow a few infertility and adoption blogs, but only those that really touched my life. It took a long time to realize there was probably other child free blogs out there and it has been a blessing to find them. I'm usually just a lurker and don't comment, but I love getting comments, so I try to leave them in return.

  2. I commend you for doing this. I haven't done ICLW in over a year and mainly because I haven't had the time, but a also for the reasons you spoke of in this post. But now you are inspiring me....

  3. Great!
    I don't always feel as leaving comments. But I do love reading them on my blog. Because only with the comments I realize that somebody actually read my lines...

    Enjoy your time reading & commenting!

  4. Ha -- I send out a reminder email on the 21st :-)

    I'm glad you're joining along even though I've already found you.

  5. I'm an avid reader but terrible commenter because my phone doesn't always let me comment. I admire your commitment!

  6. BRAVOOOO!!! I've always dreaded the thought of joining. I've never tried yet he he...but KUDOS to you for going out there for all those reasons.

  7. I did ICLW one of the very first times that Mel introduced it. In fact, I think it was a full MONTH back then. I found it almost impossible to keep up, but it was fun trying & I was exposed to a lot of great new blogs. I don't seek out new IF blogs much these days, but I do have some that I have followed for a long time. Most of the bloggers have had or adopted at least one child, but I continue to follow their stories.