Monday, 8 February 2016

Blog posts I won't be writing

Here is another selection of the “parent” posts I won’t be writing, with - where possible - my suggestions of an alternative title, creating a suggested post that one day I might write:
  1. How is was Summer Vacation different for your kids than it was for you growing up?
  2. What grade is your child going to be in? Share a memory you have of yourself as a child at that same age at this time of year.
  3. List eight things you’re looking forward to at this time of year after the kids return back to school, and/or
  4. List eight things you are dreading about sending the kids back to school this time of year.
  5. Write a blog post from your dog’s perspective about how he/she feels about your kids going back to school.
  6. If you had more time, what is one last summer excursion you would plan for your family


  1. All interesting potential posts! Looking forward to each.

  2. That is innovative. Sometimes the titles suggested put off the mind rather than helping! ;)

  3. Interesting! I think we all should have a list of posts we wont write :)

  4. Love this!
    Can't wait to see what this becomes

  5. This is an interesting list of posts! Honestly, I like your suggested prompts better than the originals. Looking forward to reading them.

  6. The dog's perspective? No suggestion? A treasure trove of alternative material there. Yes? ;-)

  7. This made me laugh.
    Here from Mel's link up.

  8. I have to do that with most writing prompt lists, especially winter ones.

  9. Loving your alternatives, Mali. :-)

  10. I so understand this. I have quite a few blogposts I won't be writing. It is helpful to see the way you've changed them & be reminded there's something else there beyond the things that aren't there. If that makes sense.

  11. I enjoy so much how you took the posts and removed that parenting bias, so that they could apply regardless of kids or not. I love the prompts the way you edited them much better!

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