25 July, 2016

In the doldrums

It’s not yet the end of July, and I’ve already written nine posts this month, after nine in June, - and that’s only on this blog. Phew, I think I need a rest!

If the truth be told, I’m feeling a bit bleurgh. After everything that has happened this year – I was finally ready, and physically more able, to get on and do some things that will get my life going in the right direction. But Murphy's Law has prevailed, and I’ve come down with a cold, and all I want (and need) to do is sleep.

Or maybe it’s the aftermath of writing and thinking so much the last week or so, and now it’s done, I can't immediately think where to turn, so I'm appealing for suggestions - anyone have any great ideas?

Whilst you’re coming up with those suggestions though, I think I’m going to go lie down on my couch on this sunny winter’s day, and read part two of Elena Ferrante’s Naples series. I couldn’t do that if I had kids.


  1. Your recent posts have been so thoughtful and series-driven, and linked, that it's no wonder you're tired! (Well, that and the cold.) Your posts are always thoughtful and well-written, but these past few have been exceptionally so. I hope you kick the cold and feel better, but curling up with the book sounds amazing. I don't know that I have any great ideas or suggestions for you, because you've explored so much in recent weeks. If I think of some I will pass them along!

  2. Your blog posts have been fantastic! I know, I have a few to still catch up on. Hope you get feeling better soon!

  3. I've been bad about responding to your posts. There's been a lot there to think about. So I need to get on my responses.

    Ugh about being sick. It's terribly to be under the weather. Even if it forces you to take things slower.

  4. I imagine that you are exhausted after all that writing. Heck, I've been exhausted just reading your posts and chewing on them. They've really given me a kick in the butt to examine some things in my own life.

    I think you should try cooking something new to refocus your brain. It requires thought, but not a lot since you can follow a recipe. Since you're sick, this might not be something you feel up to though. Maybe you could make some bone broth to help you get through your cold?

    Feel better!

  5. Ever heard the expression that writers do their best writing while they're doing something else? Something you probably never expected or intended to write about will come to you in the shower or when you're driving or taking a walk... or writing something that has nothing to do with it. The sub-conscious has all the answers. The conscious mind hasn't got a clue what to write about.

    1. True! I have a lot of brainwaves in the shower or when I'm driving. Trouble is, by the time I get home they've vanished. Sigh.

  6. No great ideas because I'm feeling very scattered. I know the solution is less time on the Internet, and yet here I am.

  7. hope you feel better soon! resting and reading are a great start.. i recommend doing a whole lot more of that! and surely more ideas will follow :)

  8. Get enough rest and hope you feel better! I'm really behind in blog-hopping!