08 January, 2018

How to love well

I read a beautiful poem the other day. What struck me was the first 25% of this long, but compelling poem, Hymn by Sherman Alexie. The first three lines captured me:

Why do we measure people's capacity
To love by how well they love their progeny?
That kind of love is easy. Encoded.

They express a sentiment I’ve often thought, but could never articulate as beautifully as the poet has done. Read the rest, the author elaborates on this idea.


  1. Yes! I love this poem. I had read it a few months back. Thanks for the reminder to read it again!

  2. I could not love this poem more! I love Sherman Alexie, his Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian made me laugh and broke my heart, all at once. How perfect to put into words the weirdness of measuring the capacity to love by parent-child love. And I also love the part where he says "I will not assume my pain and joy are better." Brilliance, thanks for sharing!

  3. Yep. it is the one and only post i ever lost, a big rave on Love. On how some love is easy. (babies, puppies, new partner)
    About how entangled love/care/responsibilities seem.
    I could say something about DNA too.
    But loving the strange and the stranger, am practicing that every now and then. Next chance starting next week already!

    1. I wish I'd been able to read that post.

      And I'm looking forward to seeing you embrace the strange and the stranger.