04 January, 2018

2017: Looking back on the blog

I know it is 2018 already, but I didn’t get around to doing a 2017 year in review. Thanks to Loribeth for reminding me by writing her own!

Travel, travel planning, and travel photography and editing got in the way of blogging in 2017, but I still managed 63 posts, so I'm pretty pleased with that. (Especially as I managed 65 posts on A Separate Life too.)

Once again, my plan to get in guest posters from my ectopic days foundered, but I haven’t given up on the idea yet. I was delighted to see one of these women, bamberlamb, start to blog at It’s Inconceivable. So every time she posts, I think I can take a bit of credit!

I added one more post to my “Gifts of Infertility” series has languished for over a year now, but there is one more to write. Finishing a series is hard, though, because what if I think of something else? lol.

I continue to find things to say, or find things I want to say again, with a slight update. My No Kidding life is the rest of my life, so I think I’ll always have things to say. The last two years I’ve spoken out in public too, and that was a big step for me.

To write this post, to be able to list my personal favourites of the year, I have spent the afternoon re-reading my words, and have actually found it quite useful. I’ve realised that I need to take my own advice more, and to apply what I have written here to broader areas of my life. Another of the gifts of infertility.

I wrote a few about how we see ourselves, and how our thinking changes:

There was the occasional rant too:

And thoughts about being an aunt:
Being a Childless Aunt

But my favourite is simply because it quotes my husband:

This is an annual nod too to Mel, who used to run the Crème de la Crème, where we would list our favourite post of the year. It always provided inspiring reading. So even though it doesn’t happen officially now, I hope that you too will list your favourite posts from your own blogs, on your blogs, for us to enjoy again (or for the first time). 


  1. I miss the Creme de la Creme and was thinking about it a few days ago, so I'm glad you did this.

    And while cats aren't kids and they cannot buy presents, he would totally agree that guinea pigs ARE kids, right? :-)

  2. I only started doing a blogging year in review because you did last year! -- So I guess we just inspire each other. ;) Some great picks here to revisit!

  3. I miss the Crème de la Crème too, but I love that people are putting together lists of their own posts and doing the reflection that was an awesome benefit of picking your Crème post... I sort of did it in my 2017 post. I remember so many of these, and will revisit the ones that I'm fuzzy on. I LOVED the Empty Nest one and the Cats Aren't Kids in particular. I love that you share so much of the wisdom gained through your No Kidding life and all that led up to it, and I am so grateful to you because your words helped me to feel better about our situation when we ended our parenting journey last year (ahhh, now I can say "last year!") and in the months before it was officially a thing when I was hitting my "enough." You have so many awesome things to say about living a No Kidding life and dealing with all the pitfalls and benefits, too -- and I was thrilled to see you go "public" this past year! Go you!

  4. Talking about travel and planning, I did email. Did it disappear in spam maybe?
    should not write past bedtime,
    just best wishes and greetings :)