19 March, 2018

Being proud

I have some longer posts brewing, but in order to get a Microblog Monday post out, I was looking for an easy and hopefully happy topic, as there is much negativity in my head at the moment (hence my limited blogging), and I don’t want that to spill out here.

I was thinking of my No Kidding readers and fellow bloggers, who invariably I’ve watched go through deep disappointment and disbelief, and experience real grief, and I watch them express these emotions honestly, rawly, each in their own, brilliant style. We are all there to support them, and any new people who come through.

Then, slowly, the grief subsides, though it comes and goes, tormenting, at times, mocking. But gradually too the hope and joy return, contentment sets in, and they gain wisdom, acknowledging their journey, writing things like, “I could not have written this two years ago.” These journeys warm my heart, as I’ve been there and know how hard it is, but I am always confident they would emerge out the other side, still (or once again) largely okay. They warm my heart for another reason too, because I know that the progression is there to give others hope, to show the way to those people who will, sadly, always be following in our steps.

I am so proud of you all.


  1. You've been a warm, supportive and validating presence for me, Mali. I appreciate you.

  2. Yes, the "hope and joy return." I thought that was impossible for years, but very gradually things evolve until one day you feel a strange and foreign sensation and you realize that you're feeling happiness again. Thank you for being so supportive Mali! <3

  3. All of you are amazing and inspirational.

    1. So are our readers and supporters from elsewhere in the ALI community!

  4. This is so beautiful for anyone who must face going into a cocoon, not knowing if they'll come out of it at all, much less as a butterfly.

    Wishing your head well :-)

  5. I am proud of all of us, too! :) Well said, Mali! :)

  6. So beautiful, and I am so grateful to you for lighting that pathway. I felt a bit more prepared for the grief of my parenthood pursuit ending because I knew from your posts that it was not insurmountable, and that there would be an After, and while it would still sting, it wouldn't be quite the raw seeping wound it was at first forever. Which is so helpful when you are facing the death of a dream. So much LOVE to you, lady! You are such a gem. <3

  7. I'm not in that camp but I still get a sense of strengh, courage, fortitude, and solace from you (and the circle). Bravura to you (all) for sharing your journey and for whatever help, comfort, inspiration those who follow derive.

  8. Everybody has a story they and others can learn from. It’s why I love blogs!