03 April, 2018

Redirecting No Kidding resilience

This year I’ve been rather distracted from this space, as you may have noticed, what with new self-imposed and enjoyable projects that are more time-consuming than I expected – blogging, and photography, and summer! – and, less enjoyably, external pressures and obligations that I have been finding very stressful. I have, however, just realised that some of the things I learnt about resilience after infertility and No Kiddingness might actually help me again now, and so I am promising myself I will do more of the following:
  1. Get out in nature, and feel the joy of it, and feel gratitude for my body carrying me through it.
  2. Deny the narrative of the voices in my head, and the voices of unhelpful people (after all, what they say is probably more about them than it is about me), and  let them go, because I know they’re not true.
  3. Stop letting others dictate how I feel, stop letting them belittle me, when I'm doing so much more than they are, as their comments and actions are probably about them, not about me.
  4. Let go of the anger, because it only eats me up, and forgive them, even if it is only to stop bringing myself down.
  5. Stop being so hard on myself, and show myself some self-compassion - I I don't need to justify my actions to anyone when they are coming from my heart.
  6. Take control of what I can control, and use that to move myself forward.


  1. Such great reminders... I kind of want to type this up in a pretty font and hang it in my office because it's amazing advice that I could stand to take pretty much daily. The self-compassion, in particular. And I LOVE your 365 space! New obsession. Bookmarked it.

  2. I'm with Jess... I think I need this hanging in my office. This is beautiful. Checking out your 365 blog!

  3. I can relate to every single point made. My mantra is "go with the flow, be zen and let it go". Thanks for dropping by my blog.