13 August, 2018

Everything does not happen for a reason: in poetry

I thought I'd share another poem I posted today, one with a very strict line and rhyming structure, but I think it worked well for the topic:

An unrelated footnote:
If anyone has had difficulty commenting here, feel free to email me at malinzblog at yahoo dot co dot nz. I'm hoping Blogger hasn't changed settings which mean we can't chat.

I know one of our regular Microblog Mondays bloggers has started a new blog, and, frustratingly, I can't comment on her page. Though it is not a Blogger blog.


  1. Thank you Mali, it is beautiful and so true!

  2. This is lovely Mali! And so true.

    And what gives with Blogger! It's gotten to the point that I'm seriously considering migrating...

  3. Lovely! And true. I get so irritated with the "everything happens for a reason" trope. And with people who always said, "it'll be your turn soon." So minimizing of the losses sustained along the way to the big loss of never having it be "my turn." Blergh.

    And argle blargle to Blogger issues, how frustrating!

  4. Is this villanelle?
    Regardless it is wonderful!

  5. I love this. I have a few places I want to share.

    1. Lori, feel free. I've just added a copyright to it.

  6. Love it!! :) (And boo, hiss to Blogger for all the monkey wrenches lately...!)