07 August, 2018

Infertility and childlessness in Poetry

It's Poetry/Experimenting with Form month over on my 2018 daily blog, TakeTwo. I'm going to address No Kidding and infertility issues more than once during this month.

Here is today's entry:

A Barren Acrostic

I           Isolated
N         Natural
F          Friendless
E          Exhausting
R          Regretful
T          Torture
I           Invasive
L          Loss
I           Ignored
T          Technology
Y          Yesterday


  1. Love this! And now I see a challenge of a post with each of those themes. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I agree - I'm doing a positive version next!

  3. Whoa, fascinating exercise -- it definitely evoked the feelings that weren't so pleasant. Maybe this is a good exercise to see your point view at different points in healing... hmmmmmmm. (And now I see you're doing a positive version next, I'm behind and catching up!)